About Colisweb

Colisweb is a french delivery service specializing in last mile delivery. They delivery packages weighting from a few grams up to a ton in more than 3,000 cities, They achieve very fast delivery times of less than 2 hours by connecting merchants and transporters using advanced algorithms that provide best-in-class routing inside the city. These algorithms are developed by a dedicated research and development team.

Working environment

As a team, we reviewed one another’s code through merge requests, and organized mob reviews on a regular basis. Our codebase was thoroughly covered by automatic tests, with a large proportion of them written as behavior-driven scenarios (given, when, then).

We containerized every micro-service and deployed them to Kubernetes.

My contribution

  • I worked on several Scala micro-services in a purely functional environment, using libraries from the Typelevel ecosystem.
  • I migrated a few services from Play Framework to the Typelevel ecosystem and contributed to improve the consistency of the coding style and libraries across the project.
  • I developed an open-source tracing library for Scala, and improved the observability of the Colisweb platform.
  • I trained an intern and helped her develop functional programming skills.
  • I deployed micro-services to Kubernetes.