ProjectScala back-end developer

Project Summary

From May 2019

Colisweb is a french delivery solution present in over 3,000 cities. Their goal is to deliver all sorts of packages, from less than a 1kg to a ton, either in less than 2 hours or on appointment. They achieve very fast delivery times by connecting merchants and transporters using advanced algorithms that provide best-in-class routing inside the city. Those are developed by a dedicated research and development team.

As as Scala developer, my job is to build services around these algorithms to expose them to the rest of the ecosystem (legacy APIs, React Native apps and more). Our team leverages the Typelevel ecosystem (Cats, Http4s, Doobie mostly) and strives for truely functional, typesafe applications. We have high quality standards and believe and group reviews, pair programming, testing, and hexagonal architecture.

There is an ongoing effort to split the existing Ruby APIs into Scala microservices that can be scaled independently on Kubernetes. The migration has to be completly transparent for the thousands of users that need their packages delivered everyday. In that regard, communication between the various teams is an essential part of the job.