I was asked to develop a front-end application that could manage e-mail campaigns, leads, vouchers, as well as display business insights for an e-mail marketing branch of the company that was selling e-books and various digital products.

While my job was mostly on the front-end, I had a few opportunities to help to the back-end developers. I also developed a tracking system for e-mails that could measure opening and clicks, give information on the click rate of a particular campaign, as well as show user interactions thanks to a heatmap. I was in charge of back-end and front-end development for this feature.

What I’ve brought

  • A SPA that could me used by product owners and e-mail marketers to manage every aspect of their marketing strategy, including the conception of e-mails using visual templates.
  • Clear performance insights thanks to charts, and heatmaps that show exactly how users interact with e-mails

What I’ve learned

It was my first experience in the e-mail marketing business. I learned about responsive e-mail integration using MJML, as well as good practices regarding spam and deliverability of e-mails. It was also my first experience of a full Javascript stack in production.