Building the media assets management platform of the future for the largest audiovisual group in France. - Canal+ is a french leader of Pay TV, Free TV and Film production. They are building a new media assets management system from scratch to address their biggest challenges : UHD, operational excellence, decommissioning of legacy software.

Mediahub, the new platform is receiving decades worth of TV shows, sport events and movies, as well as all the new content, and handle the entire media life cycle, from ingesting to distribution and archiving. By handling this whole cycle, and managing the encoding workflows ourselves, we give our users (journalists, video editors, archivists …) the ability to find any media, make rough cuts, and send it anywhere for further treatment or distribution.

The platform is reactive, resilient and distributed, relying heavily on stream processing with Apache Kafka and asynchronous communication. The tech stack includes Akka Actors, Akka Streams, Akka HTTP, Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, Postgres and Typelevel Cats.