Scala back-end developer

Colisweb is a french delivery solution present in over 3,000 cities. THeir goal is deliver all sorts of packages, from less than a 1kg to a ton, either in less than 2 hours or on appointment. They achieve very fast delivery times by connecting merchants and transporters using advanced algorithms that provide best-in-class routing inside the city. Those are developed by a dedicated research and development team. As a Scala developer, my job is mostly to integrate these algorithms into the ecosystem by building APIs, leveraging the Typelevel ecosystem for truly functional, type-safe programs.
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Decathlon Maps
react node javascript

Decathlon Maps is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that acts like a Google Maps for sports of all kinds. The idea is to reference as many sport places as possible, including sport-specific data e.g. distance and elevation for running tracks. Users can not only search for sport places but import their own from third-party apps or GPX files. The application aims at providing a native-like experience for mobile users. The application had us face many technical challenges, including making the Map as smooth as possibl on mobile devices despite the large number of displayed sport places, scrapping data from several websites that didn’t have any API, and working with geolcation data from different sources that don’t share the same conventions.
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react vue polymer javascript

Norauto is the largest car parts, car accessories and car repairs dealer in France, and also a major player in Spain, Italy, and several other countries. They are undertaking a complete rewrite of their information system, everything from customer management, to loyalty programs, to car parts registry. They are following a microservices approach and working in feature teams with several backend stacks (Go, node.js and Scala) and frontend stacks (Vue and React).
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react javascript

Qlikbeton is an online marketplace that sells concrete at attractive prices during off-peak periods. They’re selling in four different countries, each with custom business rules and different styling. My job was to develop the front-end part of the website within a team of 4 front-end developers. We had to figure out ways to address all target countries while avoiding code duplication as much as possible. We came out with a configuration system that could override not only style but complete part of the application based on the country.
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vue node scala javascript

I’ve worked for a year as a lead developer for this Start-up specialized in visual management. My mission was to develop a tool that would help teams share information faster thanks to big, interactive panels that directly interact with the information system. This tool, Pingview had to be simple enough to allow anyone to create digital wallbaords and yet powerful enough to display relevent information from various sources, including APIs, relational databases, RSS feeds … Dynamic wallbaords would be created by dragging elements in place, connecting them to the information system, and apply conditions to them so they could be hidden, shown, or change style based on the current informattion.
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Docler Direct Marketing
javascript node

I was asked to develop a front-end application that could manage e-mail campaigns, leads, vouchers, as well as display business insights for an e-mail marketing branch of the company that was selling e-books and various digital products. While my job was mostly on the front-end, I had a few opportunities to help to the back-end developers. I also developed a tracking system for e-mails that could measure opening and clicks, give information on the click rate of a particular campaign, as well as show user interactions thanks to a heatmap.
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