Hi there! Thanks for stopping by on my portfolio. My name is Guillaume Bogard, I am a full-stack developer with an appeal for functional programming, living in Lille, northern France.

Scala and Javascript are my main programming languages. I enjoy playing around with various technologies, especially functional languages. I've learned a bit of Rust and Elixir for fun on my spare time, and I've spent hours fiddling with my Emacs Lisp configuration.

I have a passion for scalability, concurrent programming, and abstractions. My other activities include writing, mostly about software on my blog, and speaking in meetups and conferences, mostly to exchange on functional programming. I've had the opportunity to host a talk at the Scala.io conference in 2018, and I am a regular Speaker at Linkvalue's events.

My hobbies include going to the movies, riding roller-coasters and learning foreign languages. My native language is French, I am fluent in English, and currently looking to improve my German.

The tech tools I use

Those are the tools I use as part of my daily workflow.


Text editor : emacs

I've switched to emacs in late 2018 after several years of using Intellij IDEA along with Visual Studio Code. I'm a polyglot developer, switching between Javascript, Typescript, Scala and Clojure sometimes several times a day. Having great support for all the languages I use in a single editor was my main motivation for switching to emacs in the first place. Besides, Intellij is a rather beefy piece of software (a rather expensive one too), and having my editor taking so much of my system resources was starting to annoy me.

With emacs, I also discovered a very rich ecosystem of packages, and the joy of being able to configure and program absolutely anything. I came for the language support, I stayed for the added productivity.

I've actually put my personal emacs config on Github, including all the packages I use for day-to-day Scala, Clojure and Javascript development. Check it out here :)

Terminal + Shell

On MacOs, I use iTerm 2. On Linux, I typically use Terminator. Either way, installing Oh my ZSH is one of the first things I do.

Desktop apps

  • For music, I use Spotify and it's open on my desktop pretty much all-day long.
  • To test APIs, I use Insomnia

Operating system

My business laptop being a Macbook Pro, I spend most of my day in MacOs Mojave. However, I also have Archlinux on my desktop at home. I also have an old W540 Thinkpad on which I also have a Windows / Linux dual-boot.


I'm a bit of a keyboard nerd. I always carry a Vortex Race 3 TKL mechanical keyboard with Cherry Red switches in my bag. Especially given how poor the latest Macbook pro keyboards are.

I've only tested Red and Brown switches so far, but I think Red are my favorite.