Picture of myself

Hi there! Thanks for stopping on my website.

My name is Guillaume Bogard, I am a functional programmer with an appeal for strongly-typed languages and distributed systems.

I write mostly in Scala, ReasonML, sometimes Javascript. I love to learn and share my knowledge with other people. My hobbies include writing on my blog, going to the movies, riding roller-coasters and making noise on mechanical keyboards that go click! clack!.

I am working for Linkvalue, a French consulting company. Here’s my résumé should you need more details.

Latest blog posts

Public Speaking

I’ve had several opportunities to talk publicly about my favorite topics : Scala, React, and functional programming.

I also gave functional programming introduction classes to students in engineering. Here are some of my talks:

Open Source work

  • I am currently working on Lambdacademy, a platform to learn functional programming, built with Scala, Http4s, ReasonML and & ReasonReact.
  • I built Scala Opentracing, a functional tracing library for Cats Effect, Http4s and Tapir.

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